What has OWAC done?

The Ohio Water Advisory Council has done NOTHING!  A Google search turns up NOTHING.  A call to the ODNR Division of Water Resources revealed that body has not met in 15 years.  Terms expired.  No members.

OWAC has not performed the important duties in its mandate:

Recommend such policy and legislation with respect to water management and conservation as will promote the economic, industrial, and social development of the state while minimizing threats to the state’s natural environment;

Review and make recommendations on the development of plans and programs for long-term, comprehensive water management throughout the state; and

Recommend ways to enhance cooperation among governmental agencies having an interest in water to encourage wise use and protection of the state’s ground and surface waters. To this end, the council shall request nonvoting representation from appropriate governmental agencies.

If OWAC had functioned as it was intended, perhaps there would be policies in place to prevent AOP from “mining” our groundwater for profit.

Does this give a basis to question current legislation’s long-term effectiveness?