Terry Rummel

In regards to the concerns of Artesian of Pioneer’s plans to pump water from the Aquifer and also the proposed Charter Government, I want you to know, as Chair of the Williams County Board of Commissioners that I am concerned also.  It is important to me that the water sources of our community are not diminished and that our community continues to be a great place to live for many generations.\

In an effort to ensure that the citizens of Williams county are informed and protected regarding their water source, the Commissioners have been working with 3 states and 9 counties for many months to develop a board who will monitor the aquifer levels.  The purpose of this board will be to ensure that the aquifer is regenerating at the rate the ODNR and EPA require and to ensure that the water from the aquifer is plentiful for current and future generations of Williams County families.  I feel tht developing this board will be the most successful way to protect our source.

Furthermore, I oppose the Charter Government as it would give the County Commissioners the ability to enact regulations and laws with little or no oversight.  This is a gross overreach of governmental power with no checks and balances AND IT WILL NOT STOP PUMPING WATER FROM A WELL IN FULTON COUNTY.

I encourage you to completely educate yourself as to the charter and its provisions.  I also encourage you to research the group who is financially supporting the Williams County Alliance in the Charter Government movement.  As I researched the Pennsylvania-based Environmental Defense Fund (CELDF) I found that it is not uncommon for them to support initiatives like this for their own special interests and I do not believe that their views are in alignment with the majority of the citizens of Williams County.  I believe that CELDF is attempting to capitalize on the emotions of drilling the aquifer in order to further their agenda of imposing their values and beliefs upon our small community.

In order to help Williams County citizens understand the opposition to the proposed Charter Government and CELDFR, I encourage you to visit https://naturalgasnow.org/celdf-dangerous-radicals-exploiting-fracking.  I have spoken with many residents who have not researched these things on their own and were simply going on hear-say and they have since found that they had been severely misled.  I can not stress enough how important it is for you to research these items for yourself and gain your own knowledge.

The most important thing to understand in all of this is that we are all supporting the same goal PROTECTING OUR AQUIFER, the only difference in our views is how to do so and what unintended consequences we are willing to risk along the way.