Why we need a County Charter

Williams County’s water source is threatened by a corporation, Artesian of Pioneer, intending to ship water, 14 million gallons/day, to Toledo suburbs. Our water will be drained for their profit.

Those opposed to AOP plan:

Williams County Commissioners
Bryan City Council
Bryan Board of Public Affairs
Edon Village Council
West Unity Village Council
Stryker Village Council
Townships: Madison, Superior, St. Joseph, Center and Pulaski
Edgerton Village  Council
The Village of Blakeslee
Montpelier Village Council (resolution passed “expressing concern”)
Williams County Township Assn.
Williams County Democratic Party
Williams County Mayors Assn.
Williams County Board of Health
hundreds of signatures on paper and on-line petitions
650 signed letters to the Governor

What has been the result of this opposition?

City and County officials met with Ohio House and Senate Representatives along with Ohio EPA and ODNR. Assurances by OEPA and ODNR were “up to speed” on the issue and were “directly involved.”

County officials met with representatives from nine counties affected by this water withdrawal. Discussed forming a regional group.

AOP gets funding from consortium partners amounting to $164,114 for test wells.

AOP drilled test wells.

Ohio EPA gives preliminary approval to AOP well site.

Ohio EPA held hearing attended by 800 people. “If the site application is approved, that doesn’t mean the project is approved.”

Ohio EPA gives a number of steps for AOP to follow:

• developing a general and detailed plan,
• analyzing water for contaminants
• signing customer contracts
• obtaining easements if the water is transported by pipes
• creating a source water protection plan
• designing water treatment facilities

If AOP follows all these steps, OEPA must approve the project.

The People of Williams County’s voice of opposition means nothing.

To protect our water, Williams county must become a chartered, home rule county and the Michindoh Aquifer must be given the right of sustainability.